Caravan Type Mobile Kitchens, Food-Trailer and Kiosks, Modular Kitchen Systems, Mobile Pizza Oven, Trailer Type Kitchens, Sahara Kitchens, On-Board Kitchen Systems designed by Ömer Atiker Holding brand MobileChef for different purposes help you to deliver your food products to consumers in a healthy and safe manner. provides. Keep in touch with your customers with original, ergonomic, healthy and safe mobile kitchen solutions offered by MOBILCHEF.

Believing that we derive our strength from customer satisfaction, we operate effective ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 22000 Food Safety, ISO 14001 Environmental Safety, ISO 50001 Energy Management, COVID 19 Safe Production and Safe Service systems in order to contribute to the sustainable competitiveness of our customers.

MOBİLCHEF managers, white and blue collar staff; It works non-stop, tirelessly, with pleasure and excitement in order to respect the right of consumers to a healthy and safe life and to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our customers.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our job; to provide our customers with original, ergonomic, healthy and safe mobile kitchen solutions.

Our Mission

Our life force; We derive our benefits from providing competitive, aesthetic, quality and innovative mobility solutions to our customers, contributing to the right to a safe and healthy life for consumers, and using the resources of our old world in a rational and efficient manner.