Mobilchef Hostech Exhibiton 2023

Mobilchef Foot Trucks & Mobile Kitchen Manufacturer Participated in the 2023 HOSTECH by TUSID Exhibiton held in Istanbul between 20-24 September 2023.

Mobilchef, which presented its products for examination in the Industrial Kitchen Equipment category at the exhibiton, became the favorite of the exhibiton with the products it produced throughout the exhibiton, and established good and positive relationships with many companies and company owners thanks to its products that attracted the attention of many companies.

By establishing positive communication with other Industrial Kitchen Equipment manufacturers participating in the exhibiton, it also established positive relations with companies under the same sector.
Mobilchef started to work to open a new era in Industrial Kitchen Equipment by furthering the features of the products it produces, in the light of the new experiences it gained thanks to these positive relationships.

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